KK slowly introduced me to the concepts contained within the revolutionary series of books 'Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch'. At first I didn't quite know what to think, KK told me that he believed there was no such thing as right or wrong, no punishment, you could do whatever you wanted. This kind of shook me up but after lots of explanation I decided to go out and buy the book.

If you are not already fimiliar with these book I reccomend them to everyone, they are absolutely wonderful, they changed my life and gave me a totally new direction. I shall not discuss to much what the books helped me 'remember' because I would like to do that at a later stage but, the main concept that stood above all others, that reached my inner most heart was 'WE ARE ALL ONE'. This my sound elementary but just think about this for a while 'There is only one of us on this earth'. Imagine that, the single most important thing I remembered and the sinlge most important thing that I believe will change the world, embrace it and hold it in your heart.

After reading Book 1 of the 'Conversations With God' series I quickly ran out and purchased book 2, then book 3, it was at this stage that I came into contact with two remarkable souls 'Carole and Dave'. The author of the CWG series set up an organisation to spread the messages contained within these remarkable books. The organisation is called ReCreaion and it was on thier website that I found the contact information for the British ReCreation, ReCreation UK.

I decided to phone the number and see what would come of it. After dialing the phone I suddenly felt a sense of ease and it seemed like we had known each other forever. We talked for over an hour an I could see this was going to be the start of a wonderful friendship.

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