"What is that you speak of?" said the man.

"You mean you haven't remembered yet?" replied the older soul.

"I do not believe in God, if that is what you mean, the whol idea to me sounds proposterus...I mean how could proove such a thing..." states the man in a upper tone trying to impress.

"I know there is a God" said the older soul with a sense of love and warmness within his voice.

"What makes you so convinced, hey?

"I can feel it" said the wise soul. "Can you not feel it?"

"I feel nothing that you talk of at all" replied the man abruptly.

"Close your eyes" said the Wise Soul gazing lovingly into the mans eye's.

The man closes his eye's and the Old Soul asks him to hold his hand out, he does so and the Wise Soul gently touches the palm of his hand with a pen. "What am I doing" he said.

"Drawing on my hand, you silly man"

"How do you know" said the Old Soul

"Well, because, I.....I feel it" his head turns to the man and they look into each others eyes. The man has started his journey toward enlightenment.