Football, the most popular form of entertainment in England since the TV. Thousands of people every Sunday during playing time journey to thier desired football teams ground and watch them play. The alternative however is watching it on TV which also has become extremely popular with a whole station dedicated to one Football team! Shops no longer close on a Sunday because of religous reason but because they don't want to miss thier favourite team play. These football matches also happen on other days of the week but still meetings are canceled and ever workplaces closed because of the football.

But why, why are these people so obsessed by the game. Is it the footballers unique skills at handling a ball? Is it the feel of so many people cheering each other on in a competitive game? I believe people watch the football and become fans of a certain team because they want to win. Winning has been to most important thing in so many peoples lives for such a long time. I hope someone would tell them that 'YOU DON'T HAVE TO WIN TO SUCCEED'. These people feel, when thier team loses, that they too have lost and that they have failed in some way. This has created a world of people obsessed with winning. Winning in love, buisness, sport, everything, winning has become the key goal. Due to this people will go to any lengths to gain status by winning. Every war I can think of happened because of someone, or some nation wanting to 'win' something of another. Hitler, for example, wanted to battle it out and 'win' land and power over the world and stopped at nothing to achieve this.

Perhaps if this notion, this message that is instilled in us at an early age 'Your goal is to win', would change to 'Your goal is to succeed'. Then surely the world would be a better place?

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