elcome to the 'Spiritual Conciousness' part of the site. The aim of this section is to inform you of a new spiritual conciousness, a deep thought lying in the heart of every human being the thought that WE ARE ALL ONE. I aim not just to know this conceptually but to experience it functionally.


My search for a new way of thinking began in Feburary of this year. My mind was confused, Christianity scared me, Catothlicism worried me and I was on a general spiritual low. During a web chat on the famous ICQ I came accross a wonderful guy. He shall remane nameless but I thank him so dearly for he introduced me to the world famous best selling books 'Conversations With God'. If you are not already fimiliar with these books I reccomend them to everyone, they are absolutely wonderful, they changed my life and gave me a totally new direction. Ever since reading Book 1 of the 'Conversations With God' series my life has taken a new spiritual path and every day I 'remember' something more. Being only 15 years of age I am so excited by the prospect of having a lot of life left and a lot of time to spiritually evolve, the journeys only just begun I know, buy boy am I enjoying it!

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This part of the site is to soon house several articles written by myself and hopefully several others about spirituality, not just how you can know it conceptually but how to experience it functionally. I hope that it may help you because I am deffinetly sure its going to assist me in my spiritual growth.


Look out for new articles soon. But in the meanwhile if you would like to contact me for comments/advice or even if you would like to add something you have written (which I would be most grateful for). Please click here or visit the contact page.


Luke Stacey

12th July 2000