Photographic Evidence

In 1939 the Russian scientist Professor Semyon Kirlain made a scientific breakthrough that has, for many people in the scientific community, 'proved' the existence of the aura. When he visited a hospital in Krasnodar in what was then the USSR, he wathdhed a patient recieving treatment for a high-frequency generator. He noticed that the g;ass electrodes that were used created sparks close to the patients skin. Something was clearly being charged and he decided to try to photograph it.

Kirlain used two metal plates as elctrodes with a sheet of photographic gilm between. Then he put his hand between them and switched on the current, releasing a high-voltage spark. When the film was developed it showed to kilain's amazement, his hand surrounded by a gright glowing corona, which he named "bioplasmic energy".

Other scientists were quick to discredit Kirlains discovery. Professor Ellison argued that it was simply the effect of intermittent ionization of the air around the object being photographed, an effect known as "Lichtenberg figures".

But what the secptics can't easily explain away is why a living leaf, when photographed, has a bright aura yet a dead one has a dull aura. Also if part of a leaf is removed, the Kirlian photograph shows a ghost image of the missing segment. Futhermore, how can they explain the fact that healers' hands produce plare-like effects from the fingertips when they extend their powers or that the corna changes noticeably if a subject is photographed before and after drinking.