Seeing the Aura


Seeing the aura is not a difficult thing to do though it does require a bit of practice, some people even after years of thrying still can't see auras but don't be put of by this give it a go!


- Look at a person against a darkish background, with a northern light, whiles he or she is totally relaxed in a comfortable but well supported chair that does not obscure the outline. Alternatively, the person can lie on a bed pr couch, again wearing fairly close-fitting clothes, and facing upwards.


- Sit quietly and throw your eyes slightly out of focus by concentrating beyond the subject so that he or she in olny vaguely discernible but the general outline can be seen.


- After a while you should begin to notice a haze around the person, try to concentrate even more and hopefully the different layers and colours of the Aura will be seen.


Good Luck!!