Choosing a Crystal

Chossing a crystal, or crystals, to work with is something that needs to be approached in the right way. Crystals, like humans, are very unique and each one you find will have its own energy. If you have read about Auras you will know that in fact crystal have their own . Alot of people I know regard crystals as 'living things' they even have there own pulse (which keeps the time ticking in a quartz clock), Many psychics refer to the aura or energy of the crystal as the 'spirit' of the crystal.

If you go out to buy a crystal go with a solid intention, if you do this you will find that the law of attraction will come into play and the right crystal will show itself to you easily. When your intention is clear you will find that the first crystal that catches your eye, the one that literally jumps out of the show case an demands your attention is the right one for you.

The are many places that import and sell crystals. Once you have chosen a crystal hold it and attune its energy. The first thing to look for is the physical shape and structure. The physical shape of the crystal is a physical expression of its spirit or energy. If a crystal is long, clear, pointed and very bright, if it looks a little like a glass sword for example, then you can bet when you hold it, you will feel a clear stream of energy projecting out from the tip like a laser beam. Acrystal such as this would obviously be very useful to assist you in any work you are doing to increase clarity and the ability to focus and project energy. The trick to this is to hold the crystal in your hand and simply look within and ask yourself what you feel from the crystal. Is it hot? Is it col? Does the energy feel clear or murky?

Often the crystal communicates its energy to you in an image. You will hear people say this one feels like ahuge waterfall or this one feels like hot sunlight. The very first impression that you recieve from the crystal is always the correct one - you have to trust the first impression you recieve. Trust your intuition entirely. It is the energy and the feel of the crystal that are all important.

However, it is not always important to have a specific intention in mind when you buy or acquire a crystal. On many occasion a particular crystal on display has caught my eye. I've handled the crystal and had a very good feeling from it. Sometimes it take a long time for the crystal purpose to come to you (I have had a certain crystal lying around my house for nearly a year now), until one day it will again show its purpose and turns out to be perfect crystal for whatever you do with it.