Crystal Divination

Crystals are formed from the four basic elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water the elements of which life was composed according to classical belief. Born in the ground, changed by volcanic fires, eroded by the air and their passage through many streams, rivers, even the sea, crystals take thousands of years to form. They are sometimes believed to contain the fifth element often called Akasha, Akasha was the elusive philosopher's stone that was said to hold the key to wisdom and perhaps as the ancients believed, to immortality.


Crystals are brilliant for divination in my experience they have failed me a lot less times than any other form of divination perhaps this is due to their mysterious nature. For divination you only need ten quite small crystals. One of each of the colors about to be listed. You may want to keep your divinatory crystals in a separate bag. I have suggested ten colors here but others will work the same whatever you choose.


White speaks of new beginnings and ventures, clear vision, strong energy and original ideas. White in divination means you'll need to take positive action in a new venture or at work or in a relationship.

Some white crystals are:- clear quartz, colorless zircon, milky quartz, and white moonstone.


Black is the color for letting go of old sorrows and griefs for acceptance and transformation. In divination black represents the ending of a period of life. It could also mean you need to accept a new person or situation.

Some black crystals are:- hematite, Apache's tear, black onyx, and dark banded agates.



Brown is for piratical issues, money, animals, and older people. In divination brown is the color of the earth. If you choose a brown crystal it is telling you to go back to your grass roots and trust your instincts. With money matters, check your figures!

Some brown crystals are:- brown tiger's eye, brown chrysoberyl, brown amber, and smoky-brown quartz.



Pink is for reconciliation, children, patience and perseverance. In divination pink represents the reconciliation of opposites or extremes and says that you cast the role of peacemaker but should not sacrifice your own piece of mind.

Some pink crystals are:- pink coral, pink rhodonite, rose quartz and pink kunzite.



Red is for fertility, courage, challenges, passion and anger. In divination red represents the need for courage and action. You should assert your rights and express any discontent in a positive way rather than suppressing it.

Some red crystals are:- garnet, carnelian, red jasper, red calcite, and red fluorite.



In divination orange is the color of independence or equality in partnerships. You should be optimistic about the future.

Some orange crystals are:- amber, orange jasper, smoky-orange quartz, and orange citrine.



Yellow is for communication and undeveloped potential. In divination it is the color of the sun and communication. You should use your head rather than your heart and be prepared to work hard to insure success.

Some yellow crystals are:- yellow citrine, topaz, yellow zircon, and golden yellow tigers eye.



In divination green crystals are crystals of the heart and when you choose them it is your heart speaking not your head. You should listen to inner prompting and be guided by them, rather than the opinions of others. However be aware of those who play on your sentiments.

Some green crystals are:- brilliant emerald green opaque malachite, bloodstone, and moss agate.



In divination blue is the color of high ideals, so your thoughts may be occupied with a matter of importance.You need to follow conventional steps.

Some blue crystals are:- hozite, turquoise, azurite, and lapis lazuli.



Purple is for healing and for psychic development, wisdom of the soul and spirit and for religious insights of any kind. In divination purple crystals deal with unconscious wisdom. Listen to your dreams!

Some purple stones are:- sodilate, amethyst, and lilac kunzite.


Preparing your Crystals

Wash your crystals under water for a few minutes or, if you have a large crystal that you use place your ten crystals around that for a few hours. First place them outside to absorb the sun the fire element, then leave them by the window to absorb the air element, finally put them in a bowl of water with some flowers to absorb the earth and water elements.Last but not least leave them out in the moonlight preferably during the new moon period see the Moon page for more details.


Casting your Crystals

Draw a circle about 2 feet in diameter on the ground with white chalk or firmly in the sand with a stick.

From your bag of stones take 3 crystals, one at a time without looking. You may like to think of a question whilst doing this. And throw them gently.

If a crystal falls outside the circle leave it a pick another one.

The first crystal represents your best course of action.

The second crystal represents something unknown that may effect the outcome.

The third crystals represents what may lie over the horizon.


This is just one method of divination and there are many more if you have anything you would like to comment on or something you wish to add please write to