Herb Divination

This is an ancient form of divination that was practised very widely in many countries because herbs were so easily available to ordinary people in hedgerows and in thier gardens. While herbal medicine has been the subject of widespread scientific research, the magical practises have recieved less attention.


Divination with Growing Herbs

Until recent times young women would decide between two or three possible suitors by planting the same number of small pots fast growing herbs, one for each. The one that grew the tallest would be the chosen swain. The relationship between plants and people is one that has not been fully explored, but plant growth has been shown to be affected by human emotions. Thus making it a brilliant tool for making tough decisions.

Certainly this method of deciding between different options has worked for many people over the centuries, as long as the issue is something important to the person asking.

To use this technique try:-

Decide on several options, whether between people- go/stay/act/wait be silent/ etc.

You can then buy small pots of herbs one for each option.

Use only one species of herb.

The herb use use should be associated with one of the following:-

Sorrel and Vetivert are associated with love

Bay and Rosemary are for career decisions and the law

Feverfew and garden mint can be used for family matters

Fennel and Parsley are for travel and communication

Basil and Dill can answer money questions

Sage and Thyme can decide options involving learning and examinations

Corriander and Mugwort are for health decisions

St. John's Wort, chaste-tree and rue are for fertillity issues

Herbs should be planted during the waxing pahse of the moon especially three or four days before the full moon.

The decision will be shown by the tallest plant.


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