Making and Using L - Rods


Its all right talking about dowsing but you won't really know what it is until you go out and try it for yourself. Here is an easy way to make a set of L - Rods with just a coat hanger (Nope I haven't gone crazy it really works!!!).


1. Cut hanger along dotted lines as shown.

2. Bend to make a right angle.

3. Insert into holders if you want (I used two pen tops)

To use the rods, you first have to decide what it is you want to find. Visualize what you want to find: water, cables, car keys anything you want. Hold your dowsing rods gently in both hands and keep your elbows bent and tucked in at the ribs. Walk around until the rods noticeably move. There are several different reactions you may get and this differs from dowser to dowser. Some people find the rods swing outwards others inwards and some even find the rods pointing upwards! When you find a spot where the rods noticeably change walk over it again and if the rods reactions are consistent it is more likely than not that the item you are looking for is in that spot. Experiment.