Dowsing With A Pendulum


Pendulums have been used by dowsers for thousands of years. The beauty of pendulum dowsing is that is has a wider range of uses, not only can you locate hidden objects you can also answer questions which, as you will probably find, is very useful.


1. All you need to make a suitable pendulum to dowse with is a weight suspended on a piece of string or chain. Some people like to use crystals such as quartz but really anything will do. I personally use an old ring tied on a piece of string. Allow about 15cm of string or light chain so that the pendulum can swing freely.

2. Hold the pendulum it either hand and let it dangle . Now ask you pendulum 'Is my name Joe Bloggs?'. It should then slowly begin to swing. The direction of the swing will determine the 'no' movement, unless your name is 'Joe Bloggs' of course. It may be in a clockwise or anti-clockwise circle or it may swing from side to side. If you are unsure, still the pendulum with your hand and try again, asking the pendulum a question so that you know the outcome will be a 'yes' answer. The direction of the swing will be different for each user and may change every time you use it.

3. Repeat the procedure but this time ask a 'yes' question for example 'Am I looking at a computer screen?'. The pendulum should swing in a different manner. This is your 'no' answer. You can now ask your pendulum 'yes' and 'no questions.


This type of dowsing can be so useful and is often used to answer questions such as the sex of an unborn child. , whereabouts on a map something is hidden, if someone is lying to you. Some people say that this kind of dowsing is connected with the spirit world and that they answer your questions, others say that the answers come from your subconcious. I'll let you be the judge of that one!