Linking into the Energies

Wherever you visit, you can tune into the spiraling energies immediately surrounding the stone circle. Although there will be stones missing, if you allow your feet to guide you or use a pendulum (made from a crystal or stone strung on a cord) you will find that your course is similar to a maypole dance. Ley energies (psychic grid energies) tend to run in straight lines along the former avenues of stones and these can be powerful too. Use a map to trace the lines between ancient monuments.


To do this:

-Study a plan, map or picture of the circle as it was originally, when it was first used for worship and ceremony (these will probably be available from a nearby giftshop).

-As you walk feel the power of the earth entering your feet and rising through your body in a spiral motion, before centering around the base of your spine. You may see visions either externally or in your mind's eye, especially close to dusk, of those who danced here before you. You may also glimpse the guardians of the place as shadowy forms.

-Note any dreams you have that night. If possible try and stay in the area for your nights rest. If you can visit the stones at sunrise you will gain more psychic impressions.

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