Becoming an Observer

These two stages are meant to be joined together but if you would like to just do one then just do one!

-You are now going to become an observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

-Don't suppress them, but simply watch them as they crop up in your mind.

-Watch your thoughts

-Make note of them. Then, let them gently slip away.

-Allow another thought to arise. Take note of it. Then, let it simply flost away.

-Let it slip away and........relax....

-Now become an observer of your feelings.

-Simply be aware of them letting them float away.

-Perhaps another feeling comes into your mind. Allow it to come. Be aware of it. then let the feeling go as you become still.

-This is the end of the first basic meditation sequence you can use this to lead into something else or end it here.

-To end it start to breath slightly more deeply than normal, become aware of your surroundings............, then when you are ready your eyes.