Whilst your are doing this it will probably aid your relaxation process if either the room is silent, your are in natural surroundings with natural noise (i.e. birds singing) or you put on some soothing music.

There are a lot of ways to relax from long 30 minute sessions where all your muscles are relaxed to 2 minute breath counting. I have combined the two in this short relaxation process. Try recording this onto tape and listening to it you be suprised at how easy it is:-

- Sit or lay down in a comfortable poisition

-Start to breath a little more deeply than usual

-Try breathing infor 4 holding for 4 and then breathing out for4.

-As you breath out imagine that all your tension is released with that breath. Do this several times until you feel it is time to move on............whenever you are ready.

-Mentally relax each of the main muscles in your both start with your feet.

-Tense then relax.

- Your Legs, Tense then relax

-Your pelvis, Tense then relax

-And so on until you have relax each part of your body. This needn't take long probably know more than 6 or 7 minutes. But If you need longer then take longer there are no real set rules.