Clairaudience is the ability to be able to heard sounds which are not part of the material world. This can happen quite spontaneously sometimes whilst undergoing clairsentience or psychometry. You may for example hear someone calling your name without anybody being there.

Talking stones are a very ancient tradition of clairaudience they date back to the Greek times when they were sacred to the father god Zeus. The prophetesses would hear answers to the suppliants questions from the stones which water would rush over. If you know a place were water runs over pebbles then try it for yourself:- take a white pebble and scratch your question in it cast it in to the water and wait for your reply.

Here is another good clairaudient exercise to try:- put on a piece of music with quite a few instruments playing at one time, (classical for example) and try and focus in on one particular instrument and see if it creates any pictures in your mind.

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