This is a very hard to explain psychic power because it is all about sensing. It is defined: to sense psychical manifestations that cannot be percieved in any other manner. The most common example of this is when you walk into a room and get a very uneasy feeling i.e. prickling of hairs on the back of your neck or a distinct feeling of coldness or maybe even a shiver down your spine. Some psychics walk into buildings and feel ill and sometimes even faint or quite the opposite feel really happy and lots of people report being able to smell things that are not there. They can sense what has gone on in the past. Almost everybody at one stage has said that they feel uneasy somewhere for know particular reason or they say they think the place is haunted. Clairsentience is a very good skill to develop, because it not only offers protection against bad vibrations from the past but also against present dangers or potential hostility.

Most clairsentient experiences are usually spontaneous, but it is quite possible to tune into places. Visit a old building or a reconstructed one with original artefacts. Walk around concentrate on what you feel rather than what you see. Make a note of any feelings you experience, keep walking around they will come. Send a friend to the same place and you will find that she/he will experience the same kind of feelings. Find out as much as you can about the place, see if you can match any of the feelings with the information you found out.

Usings fragrances can be a good way to induce clairsentience for example:- using the smell of coffee can be very good. Go to a coffee house or a place where coffee is sold a pick out a blend that particular catches your eye. Buy some of this coffee and take it home where you can brew it. Take in the steam and let the frangrance filll you. In your minds eye go back to its source. You may hear see, or even taste a half forgotten memory form your own past. Make sure you write it down Its a good idea to keep a book of any experiences you have.

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