0 The Fool

This card can be used as the first card of the pack or the last, I tend to use it as the first since it represents a fresh start or the discovery of new talents and abilities the questioner did not know he or she had. It represents the person stepping out into a new future which could take them anywhere. It is a chance to start again and it can be applied to any aspect of life, such as a new relationship, a new area to live in, a new job, a change of direction generally. Its message is that a new door is opening and there will be challenges ahead which can be taken advantage of. The Fool can also tell of fun ahead and light hearted enjoyable people to come. However as 'positive' card, there is a warning not to be rash, or to rush in to anew situation in a blind and undisciplined manner. Positive or negative, the fool tells the Questioner that he is going to have to use his willpower and to exercise restraint in some future situation.