Looking after your Cards

Tarot cards which are meant ot be used or divination should not be used for card games. They should be kept either in thier box or in a drawstring bag. Many professional readers like to wrap thier cards in a silk scarf. The cards should only be used by you the reader, except when being shuffled by the Questioner prior to a reading. Your probably thinking now if the cards are in know way magical then why is so much care being taken with them, there is a very simple explanation to this, vibrations thats why the Questioner shuffles the cards before you read them, so that he can pass his vibrations onto the cards. This is why nobody but you and the Questioner should touch the cards so that you don't get too many cross-vibrations.

It is a good idea to 'work-up' a new pack by laying each card on top of the same card from an old deck. If you have no old deck of your own then be careful whose deck you use for this. If this idea does not appeal to you, then just keep on shuffling the cards and doing some test readings for yourself and your family until they lose their newness.

Always be careful not to frighten a questioner when you are giving a reading. Most people tend to take what is said to them very seriously, even if they are outwardly sceptical or even derisory. It owuld be unforgivable to upset someone needlessly. Even a very experienced professional Reader has to take care when giving bad news, if a realy black set of cards come out I would advise you to tone it all down a bit.