The Major Arcana


The major Arcana is so powerful in its imagery that it can be used purely on its own without the Minor Arcana, even though there are only 22 cards. Many profesional readers will give one reading using just the major arcana and then another reading using the old set. Even though packs very somewhat, theoverall symbolism of the Major cards remains the same (i.e. the Emperor may be dressed or seated differently, but he is still the Emperor!). As I said earlier on the last page remember you are the psychic not the cards! So remember the descriptions given here are my own individual impressions about each card and are merely just a guide as to what some of the common impressions are. They are meant in no way to be a reference to a reading. The meaning can also change in accordence to where the card is in a spread, more about different spreads for your cards will be coming soon, plus each update there will be an indepth look into each card on by one.

Lastly, it is almost impossible to read the tarot for yourself: wishful thinking and inner fears get in the way. Again like all psychic gifts, it is given to you to share with others.

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0 The Fool 11. Justice
1. The Magickan 12. The Hanged Man
2. The High priestess 13. Death
3. The Empress 14. Temperance
4. The Emperor 15. The Devil
5.The Hierophant 16. The Tower
6. The Lovers 17. The Star
7. The Chariot 18. The Moon
8. Strength 19. The Sun
9. The Hermit 20. The Judgement
10. Wheel of Fortune 21. The World