Reading the Tarot the Proper way


1. Ask your Questioner if there's a specific problem they want to ask about or if they'd just like a general reading. Choose a significator card to represent the problem or person and it on the table. Now lay then out face upwards in the way previously described.

2. Before considering the cards, tune in to the person. Ask if you can hold something they've owned for some time: thier watch or bracelet for example. See if you can pick up any of the vibrations from this item, what does it make you fell like? Extend your sensing to thier aura the life-force wich surrounds every living thing. You may see colours and feel thier vibration. Tell them about the impressions you feel. Starting in this way links your psychic senses to those of the sitter. Once you've dried up and have nothing more to say, turn your attention to the cards.

3. Touch the first card, close to your eyes and watched the images appearing in the third-eye. Let your intuition guide you. If you've trusted your intuition you've probably hit the nail on the head so to speak.

4. If at any point you draw a card and no images, thoughts or impressions arise then simply draw another card and wait for any impressioons arise, try concentrating on your third-eye chakra located in the middle of your forehead.