April of 1999 I started to search for something more, something greater than I had ever before percieved. My life had started to change and for the better, my surroundings felt more natural and generally I felt very secure.

I first started to read a lot of books about relaxaion, meditation and general psychic powers (hence the reson why there is so much of that stuff on the site!). This satisfied a few of my need but it never got down to the 'serious' stuff that I was looking for. I tried many of the excersises described in the many books I read but none of them seemed to work for me and I just couldn't seem to properly relax. I now know that my body was yearning out for a greater truth, a spiritual truth that it just couldn't find within the books I was reading and my whole being wanted me to delve further and ask myself some real questions.

It was then that I came acrross a wonderful book entitled 'Opening to Channel - How to connect with your Guide' by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. The book transformed me and though I didn't make conciouss verbal contact with my Guide I did feel a wonderful energy surround and embrace me. The feeling was so immense that for the first time in my life I actually accepted the fact the we had a soul and that these souls could come into contact with us whenever they choose. I was now starting to see the Grander design of which our usinverse was built upon the design of LOVE.

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