By this time I had given up reading Psychic Development Books and I searched for something more. For a while I kind of forgot about the whole metaphysical thing and stopped caring but soon enough (after about 3 months) my interest returned.

I started paying attention in RE classes at school and learen a lot about christian theology. Straight away I disliked these ideas and couldn't see how someone could live in so much fear. Slowly I began to look elsewhere for spiritual truth.

My journey took me towards Wicca, this wonderful reconstruction of Ancient Witchcraft/Pagan beliefs struck a chord with me and I stopped to learn more. There seemed to be no fear and no pain, no heaven and no hell. Everything was going well, but there was still this underlying current within me that wanted to know eveything. After my Wiccan discoveries I was left with more question, some answers yes, but I didn't want to spend my whole life looking at one thing. Don't get me wrong I think Wicca is brilliant and I am so glad that finally it has been accepted into society.

Now at this time, around Late December of 1999 I felt very confused. Christianity scared me, Catothlicism worried me and I was on a general spiritual low. Christmas past and around the beggining of the new year I started receving emails from a wonderful young soul who I shall call KK (he'll know who he is if he reads this). After several emails we started talking on the world famous ICQ. I found out that he was my age (it was a rarity to find teenagers interested in philisophical issues) and had a great way about him at explaining things.

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