Psychic Uses of CrystalsChoosing a Crystal

According to ancient legend, quartz crystals originated in the rich and powerful island of Atlantis, believed by the ancient Greeks to have sunk into the sea.


Crystals were used by the aztecs and the Incas. Many claim that crystals were the power behind their inovations. Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic claims that crystal generators drove the airplanes and submarines he believed Atlantis to have possesed.

Rock crystals are usually forms of natural quartz. Over 30 million years ago, when the earth was young, a volcanic mixture of molten silicate rock, steam and gases became magnitized while still in liquid form. As this magma cooled the atoms within and grouped together in an symmetrical pattern to form quartz crystals.The regular neat order of the crystal we see extends to the very atoms of the mineral's structure. Scientists identify this inner structure by noting how crystals reorganize light, x-rays and other forms of radiation to suit their own structural patterns. Similarly, psychics believe that crystals can also alter psychic vibrations.

Crystals are all around you. The planet itself is 85% crystal as nearly all the rocks in the eart's crust are crystalline. You can see crystals in sugar, salt, and in the ice from the freezer.

From the first galena crystal radio sets to the silicon chip, crystals have revolutionized technology. A gas stove ignitier utilizes a spark from a compressed crystals and a quartz watch keeps time because of the regular pulse of a crystal. Pain Killers, vitamin pills, paint, cement, polarizing - all these technologies and more depend on the properties of the crystal.