Earth energies are the natural powers of the earth that we can feel beneath our feet on open land or in the smallest garden and through our fungertips if we were to hold a crystal of special stone. Sometmies these earth energies manifest as earth lights that hover over plains and rocks and are commonly mistaken for UFOs. These energies can be used to give psychic visions at natural sites of great antiquity and, by using a stone or crytal on a chain, to provide information from deep within our unconscious to guide our actions. Such places are Stonehenge and glastonbury torr. I now quote from The American Dowser, vol 35, no 3 (summer 1995)Energy ley lines are natural flows of cosmic energy that are of the electrical sign plus (+). By definition they come down to earth at places we call centres which have domes. Domes are places where water rises vertically through the earths strata. All of the water flows away from the centre of a dome formation. Where a water dome and energy ley line come together we have a power centre. Water is of the electrical sign minus(- ). Therefore, at a power centre we have the presence of plus - minus or yin-yang or male- female. We might liken these places to acupunture points of earth.Before the Renaissance, these site were sought after and used as places for ceremonial sites. Stone circles, pyramids, churches and public meeting places were built on these sacred sites. The presence of balanced energy at these locations left the participants with feelings of comfort, energy and well- being. Everything in the universe has its own energy and vibrates to its own frequency.
This biosphere that we live in is a primordial soup of frquencies. We are born into and feel it at all times. It is the stuff of universal consciousness. Dowsers are people who are consciously connected to this universal flow of energy. They feel it, code it and identify this by their brokeerage of this energy.Click on the link below to learn about the forces and magic of stones.

The Magic of Stones

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