The Magic of Stones

Whatever the source of earth energies, few would deny that, at sites of great antiquity, standing stones and stone circles, there are forces that can be felt by almost anyone who touches a stone. On a misty morning or evening, our feet will follow and instinctive path along lines of psychic energy, often called leys, that cross or merge at these places.

To discover the magic of these stones simply visit one of these ancient stone circles. Some of them date back to as far as 3500 BC, such as Newgrange in County Meath in Ireland, perhaps the most spectacular prehistoric cemetery in the world and I would love to go there, it is set on the hill of Tara, seat of the ancient Irish high Kings. Some other centers of natural power include the stone ships circle in Vastmanland in Sweden, the stone circle at Almendras in Portugal which is believed to be built as a temple to the stars, Stonehenge on Sailsbury Plain, or the stone Medicine Whells of the North America such as the Big Horn Medicine Wheel near Sheridan in Wyoming.

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Linking into the energies