Full Moon Meditation


This meditation can be conducted on the day of the Full moon, This is the time in the cyclic relationship of sun and moon where they are positioned on directly opposite sides if the earth, thus creating the Full moon. It is a time of heightened psychic activity and a worldwide signal for group atonement. In the annual cycle of full moons, the Taurus full moon (when the sun is in Scorpio) is also known as the festival of Wesak, a spiritual high point of the year when, according to esoteric lore, all the illuminated beings and true spiritual teachers cooperate to invoke a great annual blessing for the earth. Some people call the following Gemini Full moon (sun in Sagittarius) World invocation day.


Full Moon


-Go through a relaxation sequence (these can be found on the relaxation page)

-Visualize the Full Moon

-Contemplate these words in your minds eye and follow any images or feelings that arise in your mind:-




-Become aware now of the flow of light, love and healing which emanates from the sun and is reflected from the moon to the earth.

-Focus with compassion on any situation on the planet which is in need of help


-Direct this flow of live, light and healing so that that they radiate to where they are needed.


-Give thanks to the spirit of the moon


-Become aware of your breathing, your body, and the room in which your are meditating. When your are ready, open your eyes.


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