Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is sometimes regarded as a just a tool of mediumship but I thought I should give it its own page as it is a favourable art. Let me first explain to you exactly what automatic writing is . Automatic writing is used often is mediumship, the higher source uses the meduims hand to write messages. On a divinatory level it can be use to answer questions about the future the past etc. There is a lot of debate of where the information comes from some believe it is from a discarnate friend or spirit guide others feel that it comes from the writers subconsious I'll leave you to decide. Again like a lot of psychic arts it tends to occur spontaneously and very often the writer will get a tingling in his arm just before the message is recieved. Aoutomatic writing tends to flow faster than ordinary handwriting and some mediums even use the opposite hand to what they would usually use. As you can see by the example at the top the style of writing changes, at the top you see the automatic writing and below you see my usual style.

Why not try it out for yourself see automatic writing excercise 1:-

Excercise 1

I would be very grateful if anybody would like to send in thier automatic writing to us. Or if you have a better/different way of practising automatic writing please send a message to us at:-