Understanding Your Cards

There are countless books telling you the mythology behind each and every card and this is a good way to learn and soon I will include a full appendix of all the cards, but there is know right or wrong interpretation of each card. When I first started I found it very helpful doing a meditation with the cards to find out for myself what each one was about and not what somebody else thought.

Try this:-

-Take one of the Cards and study it for a while so that it is imprinted in your memory.

-Relax your whole body and close your eyes (if you have trouble doing this see the meditation page)

-Picture the card in your minds eye

-Step into the card

-What is going on?

-What do you feel?

-Who is there?

-Build up a description of the card.

-Open your eyes when your ready

-Write down your own induvidual description of the card.