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Meditation is magical art you can go anywhere your imagination will take you,which dosen't narrow down the possibilities down at all.

There are many, many different systems of meditation in the world today, some that date back to thousands of years ago and some very recent. People meditate for lots of different reasons some for stress, self-healing, spiritual enlightenment, to balance psi power or just to unwind after a long day. The aim of meditation is to create relaxed awarness. Usually the only time when we fully relax is when we are asleep. And only fully aware in a state of adrenalin-pumped tension. You can see that relaxation and awarness are not usually experienced together. But meditation brings them together. The experience is not the same as either normal wakefullness or sleep. To achieve this state you need to direct your attention inwards so that you come an observer of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The system of meditation I use dosen't aim to get rid of thoughts, feelings and sensations and to become empty, but allow them to flow unhindered and to be a non-judgemental, non-critical observer of them. You can then try to begin explorimg the meaning of these inner experiences. Why do you have this particular thought or felling? etc. Don't try to find to the answer to these questions just observe yourself and they will come. By giving you information on this particular system of meditation, it does not mean that it is the right one for you .There are many and I have tried many and use more than just this one.The aim of this page is for people to contribute there favourite meditations so people can learn more.

There are several stages to this system of meditation the first is Relaxation ,the second becoming an Observer.

If anybody has any new ideas for meditations or systems of meditation or if you have any suggestions for another system in an upcoming article please send me an email. From time to time I may include your letters around this site if you do not wish for this to happen please state clearly in your message.

I have also written several Guided Meditations/Visualisation which can be found here.

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