Reading the Tarot

The diagram below shows one of the most common tarot spreads the Celtic Cross. Each poisition of the crads represents an aspect of the life of the Questioner (Person seeking guidance). If there's a particualr question to be asked, select a card that most represents the problem and lay it in the significator poisition under card one. A person Is represented by one of the court cards.

Ask your Questioner to shuffle the cards and concentrate on the problem they want giudance for. Then lay the cards out face upwards as shown in the illistration.

The Poisitions are as follows:-

1. This card represents th influences on the enquirer or the theme of the problem.

2. These are the obstacles in the way.

3. This represents the concious plans and intentions.

4. The card here indicates the person's inner feelings, subconcious desires and state of mind.

5. Influences that are passing away are shown by this ard. Interestingly sometimes this card represents the nature of the person's life history.

6. This represents the immediate future events.

7. This signifies the Questioners attitude.

8. This siginifies other people's attitude to the enquirer and home and work influences.

9. This card is influenced by card number 6. It shows how the Questioners hopes and fears influence his intended goals.

10. This shows the potential outcome if the trends indicated by the cards are adhered to.

Sadly, many tarot reader are clairvyantly ungifted. The cards will provide an interesting insight, but if you want to astonish your sitter with your accuracy, then you must use your clairvoyant skills.

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