Base Chakra Meditation

To learn about the base chakra click here

-Relax your whole body from head to toe (if you need help doing this click here).

-Picture in your mind's eye a red flower floating in a bowl of water.

-Look at the flower and carefully take it into your hands.

-Examine carefully the different formations of the petals

-Notice all the different shades of red that are present in the patals.

-Find out if the flower has a scent, imagine that you smell the flower.

-Place the flower back in the bowl of water and meditate again on its color.

-Let the colour grow in intensity intil you can sense its vibrations in every part of your body.

-Imagine that you are breathing the colour red.

-Fill yourself with colour and feel how it makes you warm and alive.

-Direct the colour into your base chakra.

-Allow any thoughts, feelings or sensations in response to the colour red arise in you. Allow them to come and to grow. Observe them and the effect that they have on you.

-Allow the clolour to die down again until you see in fron of you once more the bowl of water on which floats the red flower.

-Start to breathe slightly more deeply and start to become aware of your surroundings and he place you are meditating in.

-Staying relaxed open your eyes and come back into the waking world.