Brow Chakra


To learn about the Brow Chakra click here.

--Relax your whole body from head to toe (if you have trouble doing this then please click here)

-Imagine that you are painting a night-time scene. You are paiting the night sky in a deep indigo. You add some stars and the moon to your picture.

-You finish the picture and then contemplate the night sky you have created.

-Let the colour indigo intensify until you move into it and it moves into you. Meditate on the colour indigo.

-Fill your mind and your self with this colour, and then direct it into your brow centre.

-Allow any thoughts, feelings or sensations in response to the colour indigo to arise in you. Allow them to come and to grow. Observe them and the effect that they have on you.

-Now imagine that the indigo colour become a curtain or veil in front of you. Allow the curtain to draw back and become aware of what lies behind it.

-Spend some time looking behind the curtain. Accept whatever you find and allow it to change and develop.

-Draw the curtain back again and then let the image fade. Become aware again of the picture you painted at the beginning.

-Contemplate the picture and the experience that you have just had.

-Start to breathe slightly more deeply than usual and become aware of your surroundings.

-Staying relaxed, open your eyes and come back into the waking world