Cown Chakra Meditation


To learn about the Crown Chakra click here.

- Relax your whole body from head to toe (if you need help doing this click here).

- Imagine that you are holding a piece of amethyst which has a lovely violet hue.

- Feel the texture of the crystal and look closely at its shape and form.

-Look at the colour of the crystal and note carefully the different sgades and hues of violet that you can find in it.

- Let the crystal radiate its colour, which grows in intensity.

- Imagine that you absorb the colour into your body, breathing it in through every pore.

- Fill yourself with the colour violet, then direct it up through the top of your head and into the crown chakra.

- Visualise yourself as a perfect spiritual being. What does this mean to you?

- Accept any thoughts, ffelings or images that arise in response to this. Allow them to come and to grow. Observe them and the effect that they have on you.

- Perhaps there is a part of your body which needs healing. Become aware of this and direct the violet colour into it. Feel the cleansing effect of the violet colour.

- Let the colour fade away now and become aware once more of the amethyst that you are holding.

- Contemplate the experience that you have just had.

- Start to breathe slightly more deeply and start to become aware of your surroundings and he place you are meditating in.

- Staying relaxed open your eyes and come back into the waking world.