Solar Plexus Meditation

To learn about the Solar Plexus Chakra click here.

-Relax your whole body from head to toe (if you are having trouble doing this please click here)

-Imagine that you are lying on golden yellow sand, sunbathing.

-Feel warm and comfortable throughout your body as you absorb the sun's rays.

-Turn your attention to the sand. Pick some up and let it slowly slip through your fingers. Watch the sand fall from your gasp. Be aware of every detail.

-Look carefully at the grains.

-See in them different hues of yellow. Let the crystals reflect the yellow of the sun's rays.

-Meditate on the colour yellow.

-Let the colour grow in intensity until you can sense its vibrations in every part of your body.

-Imagine that you are breathing the colour yellow.

-Fill yourself with the colour and feel how it creates in you great clarity and heightened awareness, making you strong and confident.

-Direct the colour into your solar plexus chakra.

-Allow any thoughts, feelings or sensations in response to the colour yellow to arise in you.

-Allow the colour to die down again until you return to bathing in the sunlight.

-Start to breathe slighlty more deeply than usual and become aware of your surroundings.

-Staying relaxed open your eyes and come back into the waking world.













Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation