The aura is an electromagnetic field of psychic energy varying in width and color. Everything has an aura, including plants, animals and minerals. This auric light can been seen or sensed by some psychics. Its colors and brightness tell us about the vitality, health and emontional state of a person. Thoughts and memories are all contained in its field, and through the aura telepathy takes place.Some people believe that primitive man may have been able to communicate through the aura. Mankind's ability to perceive the aura has been temporarily lost but this is being rediscovered.

Photographic Evidence

There are two optical effects that are easily mistaken for the aura. You may notice, particularly if you've been in strong sunlight, that clear dots connected by thin lines float in front of your eyes. These are not plasmic flashes of pranic energy, these are simply cellular debris floating in the eye. They are a purely physiological effect and nothing to do with auric sight. Another optical effect that has been confused with auric vision is the after image created when you stare at something for a long time.

Sensing the Aura

Seeing the Aura

Seven main focuses of energy: The Chakras