Making and Using L - RodsDowsing with a Pendulum

What is Dowsing? Dowsing is a visual way to recognise your repsonse to psychic vibrations. One of its most common uses is to locate underground water using L-rods. In the Vietnam War back in the 1960s egineers ised these rods to loacte hidden booby traps and underground bunkers. Dowsing has saved lives.

The history of dowsing is a bit incertain but we know that some records indicate that it was first used by German Miners in the 15th Century, I personally believe that it goes back a lot further. Ancient peoples must certainly have been aware of Earth Energies and when pendulums or L-rods are used at prehistoric sites such as Stonehenge the go crazy. Several cave paintings accross the world have shown men holding forked sticks wich is possibly an indication of dowsing skills.

If you have not already please read the Earth Energies section, which Dowsing is an extension of. As I said in the Earth Energies Section, dowsers are consciously connected to this universal flow of energy. They feel it, code it and identify this by their brokerage of this energy.

There is much more basic human principle involved in dowsing than at first meets the eye. The rustic in the field with his forked stick is simply one expression of a quality that everbody posseses.Everybody has the ability to send out thoughts and questions into the universe and to request answers back from it. This idea seems very far fetched in modern mind, information isn't just stored in books or computer files.The possibility of the universe being in some way an enormous memory bank seems a bold suggestion, but is worth sympathetic consideration.

So far I have only mentioned L-rods which can be used for dowsing but other common practises are the pendulum and the Y rod. To learn more about dowsing including how to do it for yourself with only the use of a coat hanger click on one of the links at the top of the page.